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Quintessential Energy Focus



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3 months, weekly meetings for up to 20 attendees in group meetings

Are the employees of your company experiencing burning out due to high work volume, fast-paced, and high turnover?


Are you a decision-maker for your employees’ wellness programme?


You want to add an effective and practical stress reduction tool to your employees’ wellness tool kit. A tool that works quickly and can be practiced anywhere anytime.

You also want to have a professionally trained and experienced emotional wellbeing advocate who, with 20 years of corporate experience, understands the impact of stress caused by high work volume and the fast-paced work environment (lean work environment) that your employees face.

You also want to make the tool and service conveniently available to your employees.

This is most appropriate for the time of the year when work volume is unusually high—such as last quarter, year-end, the first two months of the year, or peak vacation time.

Although online, all sessions are led live by a professionally trained specialist. The convenience of online sessions saves the employees the commute.

*Weekly 1-hour group session for up to 20 attendees (day chosen by the client and can be scheduled as hands-on ‘lunch and learn’). These weekly sessions can be pre-scheduled between 11 am and 6 pm EST.

*A block of 2 hours per week. Your employees can reserve a 30-minutes 1:1 private session on a first come first served basis (a total of 4 employees). The time for the 30-minute private online sessions can be pre-scheduled between 11 am and 10 pm EST. Four (4) different employees will be supported in these weekly blocks of 2 hours.

*Total of 3 hours per week dedicated to helping up to 24 employees deal with stress effectively.

This is a great way to build loyalty to the company through investing in your employees’ well-being.

It’s also a great way to showcase the company’s core values.






While EP/EFT/MR provide major healing benefits, they are considered to be non-traditional healing modalities. It is recommended that they are applied in conjunction with treatment prescribed by your medical doctor and/or other qualified health care professionals. By proceeding with these energy-clearing techniques, you are agreeing to hold Tina BQ Tran and Quintessential Energy Focus, blameless.
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