The vicious circle of feeling overwhelm and stress

The vicious circle of feeling overwhelm and stress

Has it ever happened to you walking out of your workplace at the end of the day and thinking about the list of items you haven't gotten to? This is after you have taken the time to plan your day in the most effective way you know how to.

You are going home, yet, your mind is still at work, thinking ahead already about which items to tackle first tomorrow so your to-do list will be shorter by the end of tomorrow. You arrive home and your mind is still at work...

Then, the next morning, leaving for work, you think about the things you didn't get to do for your family.  You arrive at work and your mind still thinks about home.

Before you know it, the cycle repeats itself in spite of all your efforts.

You end up feeling like it is an uphill battle.  Day after day, adding to this feeling of losing the battle, your personal life seems to be in the same vicious circle of the never-ending to-do list.

Part of you knows you are productive.  Yet, there is another part of you that seems to say you are not doing enough.

You feel overwhelmed. It seems you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders.  The invisible weight wears you down.  At times, it feels like you are spinning your wheel like a hamster.

I understand how you feel. Not so long ago, I was there too. I felt the stress, overwhelm, frustration, and emotional burden.

The good news is, there is a way to change how you feel. There's a way to let go of the emotional edges that hold you in this vicious circle.

The question is, how ready are you to take care of your emotional health?  It can be scary to admit you need and want help.

If you still hesitate, ask yourself what happens if you experience burnout.  Would that be better for you, for your family, or for your work?

I am sure you have heard that self-care ought to come first and that's not because of selfishness. It's because of selflessness. When you're well, you can do a better job and be a better family member.

Take advantage of my 45-minute no-strings-attached consultation and walk away feeling better and lighter as if the weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders. Know that you will be met with warm and non-judgement in a caring and safe environment.

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