How to deal with a toxic work environment

How to deal with a toxic work environment

The signs of a toxic work environment


Do you work in a toxic environment?

Do you feel psychologically safe at work?

Does the thought of going to work makes you feel depressed, discouraged, and physically ill?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be dealing with a toxic work environment.

A toxic workplace can be caused by several elements. It can be lack of respect for work-life balance, lack of resources, unsupportive boss and coworkers, office politics, employees badmouthing each other, etc.

Here are some signs of what a toxic workplace may look like:

  • Poor communication
  • High turnover & absenteeism
  • Employee sickness
  • Oppressive boss
  • Everyone looks miserable
  • Lack of trust & cooperation



The negative effects of a toxic work environment


Whatever the reason, a toxic workplace can negatively affect your motivation, attitude, and performance.

1 out of 6 people suffer from mental health problems due to toxic work environments. These mental health problems include depression, anxiety, stress, feeling unmotivated, and constantly exhausted.

Many people are unwilling to take the risk of quitting because they need to pay their bills. Situations like these are sometimes unavoidable but survivable with the right mindset.

It isn’t just bills and family that are needed to be taken care of, but also your mental health…

They are also afraid they can’t find another job or another job that pays well.



What to do?


Your work environment has a huge effect on your mental health; you will dread going to work in the morning and if you come home mentally drained.

What if it is possible to keep doing your job and tune out your work environment?

In toxic workplace, here’s what you can do to reduce the negative impact it has on you mentally:

  • Psychological detachment - Your workplace is the only place for work, leave it at the office. Do not take your work problems home. Take breaks, vacations, and allow yourself to detach from work.
  • Relaxation - Relaxing can allow you to relieve stress. Activities such as meditation, yoga, taking a walk, and listening to music can promote relaxation.
  • Start your exit strategy - A search for a new, more fulfilling job can make you happier and more motivated in life. When the day comes, hand in your resignation, knowing that you did your best and deserve more.



Invitation to explore another way to deal with the negative emotions that are brought forth 


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