How does EFT work to create big shifts?

How does EFT work to create big shifts?

How does EFT work at the mind/spiritual level?

EFT helps us see that things are not always as they appear. It corrects perception and opens the way for new possibilities. Major changes in thinking and life experience become possible. Deep self-insight can happen.

As our perceptual system receives information from an event in our life, that information contains distortion. Think of it as running clean water through a dirty filter you did not know was there. The water that we get is not pure--but because we didn't realize there was a filter, we have become accustomed to the taste.

We no longer remember what pure water tastes like. We just assume that what we get is pure water because that is what we've been drinking for so long.

These dirty filters that pollute our perception are the old unexamined beliefs and images of ourselves and others that no longer serve us. They guide our perception to selectively find information that supports them.

Gary Craig calls our dirty filter, "writing on our walls". Much of this writing was given to us in childhood by our family, teachers, schools, religions, culture, and even our ancestors. This writing may have served us well at one time. However, upon examination of this learning, we may find that much of our beliefs conflict with one another and actively work against our well-being.

It can be very difficult to change these non-serving beliefs, attitudes and images for several reasons. First, we may not even be aware we have them. Second, they are anchored down by past experience/trauma that has not been cleared.

This antiquated information is hard to detect because all we see of it is the effects on our lives. It acts like an old computer program that reacts to new events with an automatic pilot reaction. For this reason, we may sometimes find ourselves confused about why we react in a particular manner.

Often, we assume that anyone else in the same situation would have reacted in the same way--but would they have?


How does EFT work to create big shifts?

EFT chips away at non-serving energy systems of beliefs, negative self-images and unresolved past events, cleaning our filters of self-deception ("writing on our walls").

It helps to purify our hearts through the forgiveness of our misperceptions and misinterpretations so we can see things in a clearer light. Dr. Wayne Dyer, in his lectures on The Power of Intention, often says, "When we change the way we see things, the things we see change."

Gary Craig teaches practitioners working with clients how to use "re-frames" to help shift stuck interpretations of reality that keeps people stuck in unhappy and unhealthy places. This takes skill, however, and the client has to be ready to make the shift. This requires clearing related trauma and negative emotions first because these are the glue that keeps our filters clogged up and our perceptions from changing.

How does EFT work in bringing a deeper connection to Spirit? Consistent and persistent use of EFT cleans out our connection to Spirit/Chi. Receiving energy through a clean filter will nourish us with Living Water or Spirit.


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