Emotions in the workplace

Emotions in the workplace

Do you know there are 3 myths about emotions at the workplace that you need to stop believing in?


Myth #1: Emotions have no place at work.

Myth #2: Emotions dictate our actions.

Myth #3: Crying will ruin our career.


According to an article by forbes.com, emotional depth is not something to be resisted in the workplace. It's a trait that makes workers powerful.


Consider this:

  •  People with higher sensitivity are consistently rated as the best performers by their managers.
  •  Research by Google also shows that teams where the leaders and team members feel free and safe to express their emotions, fears, and concerns are more innovative and productive.
  •  People with higher Emotional Quotient (EQ) earn on average $29,000 more than people with lower EQ.


As the line between work and life blurs due to the unusual pandemic environment, some companies realize this requires their leaders to create a space for open and often intimate conversations about the desired hybrid working arrangements for their team members.


It takes courage to be vulnerable.


Leaders need to initiate open dialogue, lead by example and stay extra vigilant to create and maintain an inclusive work environment in these unprecedented times.


This is because "psychological safety takes time to build, but moments to destroy".


An inclusive, hybrid workplace is a practice in progress.


There is no readily available roadmap, we're creating it.


This situation reinforces the value of empathy, compassion and courage - critical aptitudes for workers at all levels.


If you need help clearing your negative emotions so you can shine with the healthy ones, let’s chat.


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