Daily exercises

Daily exercises

Do you think exercising daily is beneficial to your health and mind?

Do you exercise daily?

Did you answer “Yes” to the first question and “No” to the 2nd? Be honest. There’s no judgment here.

Did you know just 5 minutes of exercising improves your mood already?

If you don’t exercise daily, why not? I am not saying to spend 30 minutes or more exercising. I’m talking a 5-minute brisk walk, stretch, or a 1-minute plank and 20 crunches that add up to about 3 minutes or less.

Everyone knows that exercising helps our bodies become more resilient. Being physically active also elevates mood and increases productivity. The body produces several chemicals during exercising – be it going up and down stairs, squatting, planking, crunching, flutter kicking, playing with a child, laughing out loud for a few minutes, leg raise, or push-ups, etc. (in between, notice that none of these costs money?):

Dopamine is the reward/ pleasure chemical in our brains. If you ever feel upbeat and happy to tackle your day’s long to-do list after exercising, that’s dopamine at work.

Norepinephrine helps you become more alert and focused and boosts memory retrieval, focus, attention, and the ability to concentrate.

Serotonin is a mood stabilizer chemical. It helps with sleeping, eating, digesting, reducing depression, regulating anxiety,
healing wounds, maintaining bone health and sexual drive – people who are depressed often have low levels of serotonin.

Low levels of these chemicals in the brain may make it harder to focus, pay attention, and feel emotionally stable.

Do you consider yourself resilient physically?

Maybe you have unconscious resistance to exercising consistently?

Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic had started you into an unhealthy habit?

I can help you overcome this resistance using Emotional Freedom Techniques and other Energy Psychology modalities which are gentle and safe even for newbies.

Click here and book a free no-obligation consultation now. Let's get you onto a healthier path.


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