Are you energetically in alignment? Energy alignment

Are you energetically aligned?


Have you ever paid attention to your energetic alignment?

Do you know what that means? 

Do you want to experience it? 



Whether we are aware or not, often, the events in our past affect our actions in the present.

Sometimes, these events go back for decades, all the way to our childhood, when we were younger than 10 years old.

For example, we want to be successful and joyful.

Yet, there is this nagging feeling that success and joy are out of reach.

Part of us knows that to be successful, we may have to take actions that seem unconventional, unfriendly, dangerous, or even unacceptable.

This is because these actions fall outside of what is deemed normal or acceptable by people around us.

As for being joyful, it seems inaccessible because it somehow feels ‘wrong’.

We are not sure why we feel this way but we are certain it bothers us.

It weighs heavy on our minds.

It’s fleeting. It comes and goes. It exists.

We just can’t pin it down so we can get rid of it.

It causes us a certain discomfort, stress, anxiety, worries, pain.

We may not realize it but, it is an emotional response to something we can’t grasp.

It makes us moody.

Unwittingly, on one hand, we start blaming others for affecting the way we feel; on the other, we feel somewhat ashamed of our reaction.

There it is, the blame and shame reaction!

It affects our relationship with our work and with others around us.

This reoccurs on and off until the day this emotional burden becomes too much to carry around.

It obstructs our journey to success and joy.

We decide to finally address it and seek help.



We encounter someone who skillfully guides us to go deep inside, to the place we didn’t know exists, and ask the precise questions that bring up the memories, the events, the people who are at the root cause of this feeling.

Then, we make the connection.

It was in our childhood that we were programmed/taught not to do things that are deemed unsafe or unacceptable.

We were also programmed/taught to be quiet/still/good/silent as a child.

These programming/teaching often come from our primary caregivers.

They wanted to keep us safe and they didn’t want us to cause trouble so they taught us to behave, to not do anything out of the line, to comply.

As children, we want their love and attention and would do anything to receive them, including doing exactly what they tell us to do without questioning.

Over time, these teachings shape our belief system and spill into other areas of our lives.

In general, we believe we ought not to do anything that is deemed unusual, unacceptable or unsafe.

As for being joyful (think play, laughter, fun, noisy), that goes against being quiet/still/good/silent. That’s not acceptable!

Here it is, the thing that once served us now creates obstacles in our lives.

And, so, here’s the incongruency in our energetic/emotional system.

We want to take actions that move us forward, however, it feels unsafe so we energetically/emotionally don’t.

We want to feel joyful but it feels wrong, so, again, we energetically/emotionally don’t.

This energetic/emotional battle consumes a good chunk of our energy, attention and focus.

It occupies a good chunk of our brain space.

We are not aligned.



That is until we make the conscious decision to let go of these outdated beliefs and to create new positive self-concepts that serve us.

In such a way that we can be on our way to the success and joy we desire.

Are you one of these people who are not energetically/emotionally aligned?

It’d be my privilege to work with you and help clear those obsolete energetic/emotional beliefs. I’ve effectively helped people like yourself in this area.

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