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Box of 20 Incense Sticks

Box of 20 Incense Sticks

Giá thông thường $5.00 USD
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52 different scents to choose from

Multi purpose use: Incenses can be used as air freshener in any room (bedroom, toilet, den, basement, living room), meditation, religious prayers. They also have calming effect (calm nerves) and help with concentration.

Country of origin: China

Artificial Scent

20 sticks per box, 23cm long

Burning time: 35 minutes (without wind)

Once opened, store in dry area and away from sun light.

Safety warning:  Keep away from children and people who are allergic to fragrance. May not be suitable for pregnant women. Use with caution to prevent fire hazards.


Important note: shipping can be 1 to 4 weeks

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