The 5 aspects of human wellbeing - physical emotional mental social spiritual

The 5 aspects of human wellbeing

Someone recently asked me what I think is involved in living an optimal life. The question got me thinking and I realized that to be at our best, our wellbeing needs to be looked after.


As humans, whether we recognize/accept it or not, there are several facets to our overall wellbeing.


For an optimal life, caring for the following aspects regularly and consistently is necessary:


PHYSICAL ASPECT: To function at its best, along with good emotional and mental strength, our body needs proper and healthy nutrition, sleep and exercise. 6 hours of deep peaceful sleep is way better than 8 hours of tossing and turning in bed. A brisk 15 minutes walk is better than an hour standing on a treadmill watching something on your electronic device. A serving of salad is healthier than a serving of deep-fried food.


EMOTIONAL ASPECT: We need to honour all of our emotions, whether they are deemed negative (anger, anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, resentment, etc..) or positive (love, joy, motivation, enthusiasm, etc..). Being aware and accept how we feel in the moment is the best way to deal with emotions. Our emotions are the fuel to our actions. When we feel happy or enthusiastic, we do one task after another with ease and proficiency. When we are overwhelmed, we procrastinate or delay doing the tasks that need to get done.


MENTAL ASPECT: When our mind is sharp clear and resolute, we get things done efficiently. However, when our mind is in disarray (scattered brain), it takes more energy and time to complete tasks. Having a solid mental state helps us increase our performance. We tend to be more creative and efficient when our mental health is at its best.


SOCIAL ASPECT: Humans are social creatures. Some of us have it more (extrovert) and some of us have it less (introvert). No matter at what level, we need to feel connected to each other. Lack of connectivity often leads us to experience mental/emotional health issues. Loneliness is often the precursor of depression.


SPIRITUAL ASPECT: Being spiritual does not equate to being religious. Being spiritual means having a positive connotation to living a meaningful life, a life that has depth and value. A spiritual person does things that nurture his/her soul and cares about every living entity around her/him (people, animals, plants and the environment).


In my opinion, we don’t need to care for five aspects all at once.


We just need to consistently care for each aspect regularly separately and not favouring one over another.


But most of all, consider caring for ourselves with pleasure instead of with dread.


We each only have one life to live. Let’s make it the best we can.


Which aspect are you paying attention to today?


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