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Money issues


Someone reached out to me because she feels petrified and fearful whenever she spends money.

She summarized her biggest problem as “my fear of spending money is a big issue.”

In Energy Psychology, we call this the 'table top'. In plain language, it's the tip of the iceberg.



Upon digging deeper, we uncovered many other issues underneath‎ the surface. There were more but the following (randomly) are the most troublesome.

In Energy Psychology, we call this the 'table legs'. In plain language, it's the real iceberg under the water (remember Titanic?):

☹ growing up, her parents didn’t act like they were married, instead, they acted more like they were roommates. Her mom went as far as having an affair and birthed her half-sister. This led her to fear they were going to get a divorce and be bankrupt.

☹ fears of her parents’ divorce and potential bankruptcy might be the root cause of her fear of spending as well as an eating disorder.

☹ she experienced trauma due to a bone marrow transplant when she was just 7 months old.

☹ growing up with no confidence, body image, and learning disorder in a toxic environment.

☹ as a child, she had doubts, indecisiveness, and mental health issues.

☹ she is afraid she's not capable of building a life worth living for.

☹ she often feels different from everyone and wants to feel and do things people her age do while she is not sure that was possible.

☹ It feels impossible to break free from all of these things.

☹ she has spent many years in therapy and has made some progress, a lot of these things are still persistent and they affect her life.

☹ Her therapist believes there is a part of her that resists changing and she is not sure why.



‎I've recently posted about a quote from the famous psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung 'until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.'

Although she's been working with a licensed talk therapist for years, somehow, the issues that lurk underneath weren't effectively addressed. I am not saying talk therapy isn't effective. I am saying somehow, in this specific case, it wasn't sufficient.



In one touchpoint with me, thanks to the somatic aspects of Energy Psychology, we connected many of the issues she faces on a daily basis.

I'm not saying we cleared them. We did what Carl Gustav Jung said: we made her aware of what she wasn't fully aware of before.

That alone seemed to lift a 5-ton invisible weight off her body (more specifically shoulders and back).

We discussed how she can use EFT to clear some of the issues herself. This is the power of EFT. The client has lots of control over the healing process. Other deeper issues still need to be worked on with a trained practitioner.

Do you have money blocks? Or know someone who does? How much ‎pain and distraction are they causing? How much brain space and energy are they consuming, thus, taking away your focus and productivity? Has the consideration of how much is lost when the issues are not addressed effectively?



‎If you are ready to use EFT on your own but struggle with finding the words, I invite you to consider these pre-recorded scripts

5 minutes for emotional wellbeing isn't too much asking, is it? Imagine how much better your day will be when you commit to do this first thing in the morning.


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