How does EFT work with programmed reactions?

How does EFT work with programmed reactions?

How does EFT work to help us change the "writing on our wall"?

Pretend you are driving. There are "rules of the road" written in your driver's manual put there by driver's education, law enforcement, your parents, and by other drivers.

Think of a situation where you feel violated because your "rules of the road" were broken by another driver. Maybe they cut you off or ran a red light when you had the right of way.

What are your reactions? Anger? Indignation? Fear? These negative emotions can arise anytime someone doesn't follow the "writing on our walls".

Imagine an awkward social situation where you feel someone was rude to you--they spill your drink without saying sorry, or cut in front of the line at the supermarket. We use the "writing on our wall" to interpret and give meaning to what just happened. The writing on our walls makes a judgment and says, "cutting in line is rude" and we assume that we have been offended by a rude individual.

In this case, our anger is fully justified and reinforced by the same judgement that gave rise to it. In short, the "writing on our walls" is a personal filter that interprets and judges our life experiences both negatively and positively and directs our emotional reactions.

How does EFT work to help us change the "writing on our walls"?

According to Joseph Chilton Pierce in a presentation given to a Waldorf school in my area, our heart receives the information, uses the "writing on our walls" to interpret it and then sends it to the brain. The brain responds with emotion.

Negative emotions are instructions to our hearts to PROTECT.

Since protection entails fear, the brain also releases appropriate chemicals and/or hormones into the bloodstream to prepare the body for survival reactions such as fight, flight or freeze (playing dead).

Once fear takes over, according to Keith Sherwood, in his book, Chakra Therapy For Personal Growth & Healing", the fear "causes a person to contract on every level, it disrupts the energy system."

The heart receives these negative emotions and broadcasts them as waves of energy back out to the environment. Our negative emotional reactions/experiences further reinforce and attract more experiences that fit in with the distorted interpretation of our "writing on the wall".

This is how dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and self-judgment get established, entrenched and reinforced deeply within.

EFT helps us to see that the same situation for an individual with different "writing on their walls", would yield a very different interpretation and reaction than ours.

By tapping on our upsetting reactions we release blocked energy, thereby clearing the stuck negative emotions and becoming free to reinterpret these events. It helps us to see we have the power to change how we feel, how we behave and what we believe we are by seeing difficult situations differently.


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