How does EFT work in unblocking emotions?

How does EFT work in unblocking emotions?

The "set-up" statement in the Emotional Freedom Techniques allows the emotion to simply be, without resistance or rejection of our self. This acceptance, along with the "tuning in" that occurs when giving the problem an intensity rating, brings the emotion into the present moment.

Under these conditions, the emotion can be safely felt and expressed because we are making the distinction that though the emotion/problem may not be acceptable, we are.

By focusing on the problem/emotion the underlying energy disruption is activated. In this way, the timing of the tapping coincides with the energy disruption and can help push the energy through, to restore the flow of energy.

During the tapping (using our fingertips), we are able to observe the target problem as its intensity diminishes and/or changes during the process. As the observer, we are able to detach from the situation and gain clarity as we are no longer under the control of the emotion. Hence, this makes it easier to let go of (unblock) the emotion itself.


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