How does EFT clear painful traumas at deep level?

How does EFT clear painful traumas at deep level?

How does EFT clear painful traumas?

All things are energy - including Emotions. Be it positive or negative, you can feel their "charges" if you allow it. With EFT, it is not necessary to self-submerge in these currents of repressed pain. It is also not recommended to jump straight into the deepest part of the pain to liberate the charge. It is best to first diminish the intensity of the charges surrounding the issue slowly before continuing layer by layer with the other emotions and pressing forth deeper.

The process is similar to that of peeling an onion. We start with the outmost layer and peel layer by layer. The intent is to create a safe emotional environment for both client and practitioner. However, note that it does happen that we are unexpectedly lead into the center of a deep trauma or emotion. These memories or emotions may take us by surprise for the client might have forgotten about them or believed they were already resolved. This process can happen so fast we cannot "sneak up on it" as we intent. This situation is referred to as an "abreaction" and can feel quite intense and overwhelming. If this is the case, we suggest tapping continuously through all acupressure points for as long as it takes (up to 15 minutes) or until the emotional charge is diminished.


How does EFT work at a deep level?

As one issue is cleared with EFT, we may expect other related emotional issues surface. EFT acts like a dredger, pulling sand and muck from the river bed that we were not aware of. As it begins clearing emotional debris stuck in our rivers of energy, more debris is stirred up to the surface of our consciousness.

To beginners, this can feel overwhelming like a never ending process. Just as you thought you finished, more issues may surface needing you to tap on. But with practice and persistence, you will learn to find the core issues that anchor the pile of debris and you may 'undo' them all.

Once these core issues are cleared, the energy should be free enough to clear the rest of the debris (specific events) on its own. Deep and usually permanent emotional freedom shall follow.

If you suffer from painful trauma, I can assist you to 'defuse' the emotional charges so that you can look at the issue as it is, without being all upset/overwhelmed/stressed. Let's get you started on your healing journey.


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