Anxiety, Anger, Sadness and Sleeplessness Insomnia

Anxiety, Anger, Sadness and Sleeplessness

Have you ever noticed how our emotions have a way of affecting our body’s daily functions?

I recently had the opportunity to help someone clear her anxiety, anger and sadness and regain her sleep.

She’s going through a tough time in her life.

Due to an unexpected critical illness in her family, she became the ‘master’ of her household overnight.

For someone whose sole duties used to be just her job, cooking and cleaning, becoming the sole person in charge of everything for her household and family, was quite overwhelming for her.

She became anxious, angry and sad and only slept a couple of hours per night.

Here’s an interesting fact: she didn’t want to see me. She thought she was doing fine. Someone close to her kind of forced her hand so she reluctantly showed up for the meeting. I told her that the worst-case scenario is that if she doesn't feel better by the end of the session, I'd pay her for the time she deems wasted.

In one session, I helped her identify the root of her anxiety, anger and sadness and clear them.

The anxiety came from worrying she can’t handle the situation alone. As the session progressed, she remembers she isn’t alone. People around her have stepped up and assisted her to sort things out.

The anger was created by someone who badmouthed my client. Our work helped her gain the insights that the other person was simply jealous that there are people who are willing to help my client through this tough time.

The sadness came from feeling powerless in helping the ill person recover. Again, our session helped her realize she was not as powerless as she thought. Her prayers give her strength and they might have helped move the critically ill person out of ICU and into long-term critical care.

That’s the power of Energy Psychology. It helps clear the brain fog, allowing people to see the situation for what it truly is: things are not as bad as our overwhelmed brain makes them appear.

At the end of the 1-hour session, she reported feeling much lighter and calmer. Overall, she felt more positive and hopeful.

The next day, she messaged me: she slept through the entire night and woke up feeling so good she cleaned her house from top to bottom!

Three days later, she informed me she continued to sleep well and her blood pressure is now in the normal range. She also asked for another session in the coming days.

Note that during our session, she did mention her high blood pressure and I advised her to see a medical doctor the next day. As it turned out, she unilaterally decided not to see her doctor and her momentary high blood pressure dropped back to normal by itself. Isn't this the best-case scenario possible?

Are you going through a hard time and it affects your sleep? Work with me to regain your sanity and sleep.

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