Daniel S, Vancouver, BC, Canada  “Tina’s work has helped me look at a variety of issues in my life from new perspectives. Her demeanour and supportive, professional attitude helped me feel safe enough to explore some very uncomfortable topics, and experience more movement on them than I have in years. She gave me the sense that although this work takes time, I too can do it, and get to a place of a much better experience.” 


Linda S, Cambridge, ON, Canada Thank you Tina for sharing. I am so grateful for the EFT session I had with Tina a few months ago. I was experiencing some relationship issues with a friend and I had a fear of flying. My husband and I had booked a trip to Italy and weeks before I was feeling very anxious and worried about the 9-hour flight! After just one session with Tina, my anxiety about flying completely disappeared – The flight was amazing and I enjoyed every minute and my relationship went in a more positive direction with my friend. I am looking forward to my next session this week with Tina for another health ailment that has plagued me for a long time!  I highly recommend Tina. Tina is amazing and has a true gift. Many praises to Tina for her love and caring.


Sherry B, CA, USA  “I want to take a moment to say thank you for the very powerful and insightful coaching sessions via Zoom. You guided me to find and clear new emotional aspects related to the death of my son that occurred more than 30 years ago.


Fern S, Huntsville, AL, USA  “Tina worked with me over Skype.  We had three productive sessions which brought up some deep-seated issues.  With her guidance, we addressed the most intense ones.  I felt that she was an effective, personable coach who prompted me through the process with confidence.” 


Francesca M, Vancouver, BC, Canada  “I have three very powerful sessions with Tina, she is very good at using the techniques and I think she has very good instincts as well.” 


Naomi M, West Orange, NJ, USA  “The thing about Tina that makes you feel like you’re in good hands is how genuinely caring she is. During our work together, I never felt alone on my journey because she provided remarkable support through a variety of ways. Her sessions always lead to fresh insights, and I like that they are never the same. She always goes the extra mile. I am learning a lot from her as she is an excellent example of how to serve others from the heart. Her sessions have moved the needle in a positive direction for me. I have contacted her stressed out about a new obstacle I was experiencing that was a huge deal for me, and we cleared that obstacle in one session as well as a deeper issue I had for 5 or 6 years. As a bonus, I have learned to love myself on a deep level regardless of my progress, my appearance, or my circumstances. I am grateful to have come across her as a coach.” 


Brenda B, Guelph, ON, Canada “I’m grateful for my sessions with Tina. I’m pleased with the shifts I’ve experienced and the knowledge I’ve gained. Tina is passionate about what she does and wonderful to work with. I learned quite a bit about some issues I didn’t even know were still affecting me. I look forward to more healing with Tina.”


Jamie Lee E, Kitchener, ON, Canada  “Tina’s services have been very powerful and helpful for me. She starts the session by focusing on a goal and she makes sure that the goal is met. The sessions have helped me gain more insight into myself and my emotions and have a better understanding of what I need to work on next, as well as instantly relieving the discomfort of negative emotions. The scripts that she creates for the treatment are very accurate and useful, she is very good at what she does.”