The gift of undivided unfiltered attention

The gift of undivided unfiltered attention

When was the last time you gave someone the gift of undivided and unfiltered attention, including yourself? That is the application of being fully and unconditionally present in what's happening.

As an employed person, you are likely on the run all the time. You are constantly behind in your work. Someday, you don't even have time to eat lunch. On other days, taking time to eat lunch seems like a luxury between meetings, processing, reporting, phone calls and enquiries.

There's also the unconscious belief of wanting to look busy, overworked and overwhelmed. As if you want the world to know you are doing more than your part in the team, division, or company.

Self-care seems impossible or unimportant in those moments. Self-care as in taking a moment to take a few deep breaths, be fully present with the task at hand, or listen to someone to actually see things from the speaker's point of view instead of listening for the purpose of giving an answer and getting rid of the speaker.

I have been there and I understand how you feel.

Still, it all comes down to remembering what you truly want for yourself in the end.

If there's any inkling inside of you, that little tiny whisper that you kept squashing, trying to grasp your attention, you know that deep down, you ought to give it some attention before things unravel uncontrollably. We are talking about stress and burnout.

If you are unable to bring yourself to be fully and unconditionally present for things in your life, we are referring to no judgment, no moralizing, no philosophizing, no analyzing, no assessing or worse, preparing to respond before the other person finishes talking, then, it's time to seek help to get rid of the overwhelm and stress that hold you back from being joyful.

Take advantage of my 45 minutes no-strings-attached consultation and walk away feeling lighter, more focused and more positive. You deserve this.


Image courtesy of Oleksandr Pidvalnyi via Pexelsdotcom

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