Regrets and inferiority complex weigh people down

Regrets and inferiority complex weigh people down

I recently helped a woman regain her sleep and sanity by releasing her anger, anxiety and sadness.

Although she initially didn’t even want to have a session with me, a few days later, she asked for another session.

Before we started the 2nd session, she confirmed she’s sleeping well through the night and her blood pressure is consistently normal – without any other medical treatment.


This time, we worked on two symptoms: a tension felt in her head and tiredness in the body.

For unknown reasons, she feels like she’s a weak person, incapable of doing things on her own.

She gave an example of going shopping for groceries alone. Upon coming back home, by the time she put things away, she felt so tired she flopped down on the couch. Her chest felt heavy.

We started the session exactly where she was: we acknowledge she feels tension in her head and tiredness in her body and she is not sure why she felt like she’s a weak person and her chest is heavy.


The insights came: 20 years ago, she was about to go through a big change in her life. Her dad was terminally ill and on his death bed, he said to her, “I am worried about you. I am afraid you are not strong enough to weather through this big change alone. Maybe you should cancel that plan.”

She didn’t cancel the plan and he died shortly after.

A month after she achieved what she deemed was the biggest challenge of her life at that time, unexpected financial and familial difficulties arose. She had to let go of her big achievement, found a job and moved out.

She never went back to pursue her dream.

Ever since, although she does not talk about it, she feels regrets, sadness and developed an inferiority complex.

She constantly used the excuse “I am not strong enough to do this. I don’t know enough to do that.”

Our session helped her realized she internalized her dying father’s worries and portrayed that behaviour for the past 20 years.

Part of her felt regrets and sadness for not listening to her dad. Part of her regretted not making an effort to find a way to pursue her big achievement after she found work.

She carries the belief she’s weak for the past 20 years and plays small, sticking to low pay manual labour jobs instead of sharpening her skills for better-paid jobs.


We addressed the regrets & sadness and created a safe space for her to let go of her dad.

We built up her confidence and she let go of the inferiority complex, with the realization she has the full decision power to pursue her dream in small steps. It was the inferiority complex that she fell weighing down on her chest.


At the end of the session, she told me she is committed to rearranging her schedule so she can dedicate a chunk of time weekly to relearning her achievement. She even remembers there’s a free online resource for her.

Do you know someone who is holding himself or herself back because of their limiting beliefs from their upbringing? I’d be grateful if you connect us so I can help them.

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