lip service

Lip Service

Have you ever come across people who pay lip services to improve themselves, yet they don’t take any action?

I learned to acknowledge the rescuer inside of me and let go of these lip service payers.

Although it’s hard to squash these urges to help, I remember what my coach once told me “She cannot want my success more than me.” In this case, I don’t want the success of these people more than they do. This will only lead to disaster for both of us.

I will be drained and they will think that I am ineffective and my modalities don’t work.

No matter what we do, we cannot save people unless they first truly want to save themselves.

Although Energy Psychology has specific ways to address this lip service behaviour (they are called Sneaking up and Tailenders techniques), there is one element that no other modality (to my knowledge) can address: the initial genuine motivation to be healed or to better themselves.

The Sneaking up technique can start with something like this “Even though I am not committed to addressing X issue, I choose to acknowledge this is where I am and I deeply accept myself anyway”.

The Tailender technique would start with something like this “Even though I am afraid I cannot accomplish this X goal as there are too many obstacles, I choose to xxxx.”

Yes, there are many reasons not to invest ourselves: no money, no time, no energy, too much commitment, not convenient, something else is more important, etc.…

All that being said, remember that proverb "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now."?

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