Hebb’s Law: healing from trauma

Hebb’s Law: healing from trauma

When it comes to healing from trauma, the concept of Hebb’s Law is about neurons that fire together, and wire together. In other words, the more we rehash and ruminate about a traumatic event, the deeper we reconnect to it.

Thus, the more we revisit, discuss, and revive a situation with talk therapy, the more we make it worse and the longer we take to untangle ourselves from it. As consequence, the healing journey becomes longer.

There are other ways that are more efficient and quicker to heal, where you don’t spend time in pain reliving the trauma. One of them is Emotional Freedom Techniques. After a few sessions, you can move forward with your life without being negatively triggered and constantly re-experiencing your story's emotional intensity. Your body learns to safely detach itself from the trauma while creating an emotional buffer that shields you from further harm.

In another article, I discussed the daily negative impact of untreated trauma.

If you have suffered from trauma, no matter big or small, I invite you to connect with me. I can help you get rid of it so you can be in control of your life again. You have nothing to lose, the no-obligation consultation is free. Click here and book now.

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