EFT Tapping on the Good Morning America show

EFT Tapping on the Good Morning America show

When was the last time you see the host of a popular show allow themselves to be seen receiving holistic healing along with showing their vulnerability?  Below is a 6 minutes clip from the Good Morning America (GMA) show. Do you want to see the power of EFT? At 4 minutes, EFT is explained humorously in layman's terms. But more than that, EFT is in the mainstream media again.


It starts with Sara Haines (the female host on GMA) wanting to address a current situation. The result is Iyanla Vanzant, a life coach, helps her (Sara) get rid of a fear dating all the way back to Sara's childhood. The emotional release happened when Sara allows herself to tune deep within and stay present with her emotions (neck down). The fear started out innocently enough in childhood but over time, it transmuted into another fear that holds Sara back.


Imagine, within minutes, unconscious fears that hold you back for years get released, freeing you from the emotional baggage that wears you down. This is the wonder of EFT and why I practice it while loving what I do.


Scientifically speaking, this emotional transmuting is neither strange nor abnormal. Quite the contrary, it's as old as the human race because it's in our limbic system. That's how our brain works. The limbic system encrypts negative experiences with emotional charges and it stores these negative experiences as memories.


When another event takes place that may produce a similar negative experience, the limbic system kicks in and warns us of potential danger - whether that danger is real or not.


For example, as a child, you were stung by bees, and you feel a surge of emotional intensity whenever you see a bee later, even at a distance.  Because the limbic system automatically kicks in, drawing a parallel from the new sensory input of a different bee with the negative past experience of pain. This is the typical human fight-or-flight reaction that is our built-in survival response - the most fundamental need of a species.


Among our genes, there's a set called the immediate early genes (IEGs) that are set in motion the moment our mind perceives a threat. IEGs contain the genetic code for stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline (or epinephrine).


EFT Tapping is a simple scientific process. The technique leads us to remember and face a negative emotional experience. The past traumatic event (whether it was consciously recognized as such or not) is then coupled with new positive input, reframing the memory with an affirmation of self-acceptance "I completely accept myself."


Research has shown that acupuncture increases endorphin levels in the body. EFT engages acupressure points similar to those of acupuncture. The gentle tapping process allows our bodies to release the endorphins that reinforce both a positive feeling and a physical and emotional well-being reaction.  Once the body processes the emotions trapped within, the limbic system will no longer associate the memory with that emotional intensity. That's how we are able to unload emotional burdens.


Although Sara Haines is not the first public figure who experienced EFT, she’s the first who showed herself, along with her vulnerability, during an actual session.


Iyanla Vanzant helps Sara Haines fix her life in an unforgettable discussion:




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